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Is your claim an emergency and outside of business hours? Call our partnered company: Premium Restoration. Emergency line: 604-231-4546


Need to contact your insurance company's claims department? Please see the respective contact information below:


Auto / Vehicles



  • Call 604.298.4222 for all life claims.


  • T.I.C.: 1-800-882-5246 (1-800-88-CLAIM)
  • Travel Underwriters: 604-278-4108
    • From U.S.A. & Canada, call toll-free: 1-800-663-0399
    • Worldwide, call collect: 604-278-4108
    • In Mexico, call: 001-800-514-9976
    • Outside North America and Mexico, call: 800-663-00399​

    **To use this Global Toll-Free service, first dial the international access code for the country you are in, then enter the 11-digit toll-free number as shown above. Service not available in all countries. If you encounter problems accessing this service, please call us collect at 604-278-4108.

Home Owners


Insurance Company Websites




Home / Condo / Tenant: